Oil Changes

What is an Oil Change

Commonly Needed Car Repairs Found During an Oil Change

Who Can Do an Oil Chage

During a oil change we will drain the old motor oil from your vehicle and replace it with new oil.

The oil filter is also replaced at this time, and the entire chassis is lubricated.

This is why oil changes are often described as a “lube, oil, and filter” jobs.

Your vehicle has a lot of moving parts which create friction. The oil smooths out that friction, keeps the parts cooler and prevents damage to the parts like the pistons and shafts. Lubricating the chassis serves a similar function, allowing parts to move smoothly. Your ride is better, and the parts last longer.

There are different types of oil that can be used in your car or truck. Be sure to talk to us about the type of driving you do and if your car will be parked outside during the cold Colorado winter. For most people, "normal" motor oil will be fine, but there are cases when we will recommend a synthetic or or even one that is a thinner grade.

An oil change is part of your vehicles routine maintenance. Generally you should expect to have an oil change about 3 times a year. Most car manufacturers will suggest a lube job every 3,000 miles or 4 months, whichever comes first. Your owner's manual will also tell you if you should be using a special grade or type of oil for the best life of your car.
Usually an oil change goes without a hitch. It is, or at least should be, part of your routine preventative maintenance schedule. If you refer to your car's owners' manual you will see when the manufacturer recommends how often you should have an oil change--typically every 3000 every 4 months.

Sometimes, when doing an oil change our auto mechanics will discover there are some repairs that are needed. This won't happen every oil change, but it is not at all uncommon. Sometimes the only way you know you need the work done is by actually performing an oil change. Kind of like when your doctor has your blood drawn so they can tell if you need something that they wouldn't otherwise be able to see.

Problems with the head gasket or O rings are the issues most commonly diagnosed during an oil change.

A blown head gasket can result in major problems in the engine. This will affect how your vehicle performs, you may notice that the car's performance isn't what it used to be, or that it is running rougher.

The O rings seal the oil filter. If an O ring goes bad then your car is probably already leaking some oil. A small leak might not seem like a big deal, but it is bad for the car, could result in engine damage because you run low, or even out of, oil between oil changes. On top of that, leaking oil is not good for your driveway or the environment. Some of that oil will leak into our water drainage system--definitely not good.
1. You can. Some people actually like to do oil changes on their vehicles. Some folks think they will save money by doing it themselves. But it is a messy job, you have to dispose of the oil properly, be able to get underneath your car, and if you value your time, you will probably discover you aren't saving any money.

2. Your car dealer. Car dealers also have mechanics on site, so they will be happy to perform the oil changes for you. But it is not necessary to take your car to the dealership for an oil change or any other preventative maintenance. As long as you go to a auto mechanic for your service (as opposed to doing it yourself) you will not be voiding your warranty.

3. A quick lube chain. You can go to one of these chains. However, you should realize that the folks there do oil changes--and generally that is it. So they might miss some signs of work that should be done. So, while you might save a couple of bucks in the short-term, it can end up costing you big time in the long run if you end with a deferred car repair.

4. We can! Of course, we think we are the best choice to take care of your automotive maintenance needs. By bringing your car in for all services, we routinely look over items such as other leaks and loose belts. At the front desk we'll check with you to be sure there aren't any other issues that should be looked at, which could end up saving you time and money.
Oil Changes are just one of the many Car Repair and Maintenance Services that we offer at E & B Automotive. Give us a call today to schedule your oil change.